Thursday, 5 May 2011

my first blog diary entry

ok if you looking for my secrets tthey are not here cause really I wouldnt be silly enough to put them on the internet but anyway I thought that it would be a treat for you guys have a read of a day in the life of me

well today was just a usawell boring school day but im only going to tell you all the funny bits! ya know ya like funnny stuff! ok I have this really well kind of anying friend and I wont say her name just incase she is reading this. She kept on coming up to me me and literally SAT ON ME and serously she was like exremly heavy so ........ i pushed her off!! and my enimy ----- [ I will not mention any names ] was all goofy in class like he was dong really funny weird noises and it was kind of distubind me but it was very funny to listen to!

I havent got much friends at school but i usally play with my bff -------.

bye hope you engoyed it! : )

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