Sunday, 5 June 2011

100 random facts about me

1. I have 1-6 friends
2. I love jelly beans!
3. I watch alot of cartoon network and nickolean
4.I collect dolls
5. I do stopmotion and animations
6. I like manga comics
7. I hate peanut butter
8. My birthday is November 15th
9. I like singing and dancing
10. I have made a comic book called fangirl and mew mew
11. I have a very small garden
12. I have never skateboarded
13. Most of the time I am on the computer.
14.I got the idea of doing this post from wierd radish
15. My favorite food is chocolate.
16. I have been on blogger since febuary
17. I hate school
18. My parents are mega strict.
19. I am doing 100 facts because today I have nothing to do.
20.I wear alot of nail polish.
21. I have always wanted to go to America
22. My name is Shannon
23. I am on moshi monsters ...
24... my username on moshi monsters is angelcake3468
25. I like to be diffrent
26. Today I am in alot of trouble.
27. I really like cooking.....
28. ... mostly I cook pizza
29. I am planning on getting a youtube acount.
30. I dont know what I want to be when I grow up.
31. In the dark I think about monsters.
32. I may repeat things on this list
33. My favorite blog is weird radish....
34. ... apart from mine.
35. I go to mcdonalds alot
36. I keep a diary
37. I like the music from the nightmare before christmas
38. My worst subject is maths
39. My best subject is art
40. I have never seen a rabbit hole
41. My favorite show is Adventure Time.
42. I am 10 years old.
43.My best friends name is Cordelia
44. My eye hurts when I am sad
45. My lucky number this year is 8
46. My lucky couler this year is orange
48. I enjoy reading
49. I am afriad of fire
50. I am onley halfway threw this list!
51. I am in a drama club
52. I am the onley person in my class with a blogger account.
53.I have met the cast of Wicked
54. I love my cat.
55. I havent got a DSI
56. I havent got my own phone.
57. On the back of my bedroom door is an Emily the strange poster.
58. From my bedroom  window I can see my garden
59. My bedroom wall is pink
60. I have a Florence and the macine t-shirt
61. I watch alot of fanboy and chum chum
62. My old best friend chase has moved to Cornwall
63. One day I will dye my hair black
64. I will dye my hair black when I am atleast 32
65. I am running out of ideas for my fact list
66. Alot ofcats come in to my garden
67. Some peole ask me is I am a cat person or a dog person I am definantly a cat person
68. Loads of authers have come to my school.
69. I have over 60 books
70. I feel exemley sorry for people who are in Japan who were in the earthquake.
71. My favorite radio station is CAPITAL
72. I am not coping you Miriam I just thought it was a googd idea.
73. I am very proud my my blogs
74. I dont have my ears pierced
75. I make alot of spelling mistakes
76. I get alot of homework
77. I get teased for likeing Bratz
78. Me and my bed are very good friends
79. I get tierd easly.
80. Peole are always commening on my drawings
81. I like spying on my neighbours
82. I get a computer ban alot
83. Marceline is my favorite cartoon character
84. I have been on the london eye twice
85. My best holiday was when I went to Cyprus
86. I really miss Chase
87. My dentist told me that I will never need braces
88. I always carry a notebook with me
89. I was almost hymotised by a youtube video
90. My favorite singer is Lenka .... I think
91. I have never been to my best friends house
92. I like to pratice  drawing manga
93. One of my shelves is a mini dolls house
94. I have just realised that it is raining
95. Every saterday I go swimming
96. My favorite place to go is the London dungeons
97. My room is very messy
98. I really want to go to florrida
99. I have never seen dolphins in real life
100. yay I am at 100!

hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I love jelly beans too! And my parents are also mega strict!!!